A Family's Testimonial about their HFW Experience 

Our family has been involved with High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) since January of this year. We began services during a particularly dark time in our family's life because our daughter was in the hospital for the 24th time, over Christmas break.

The team has made a tremendous difference for our family. Previously, we had the traditional wraparound and Family-Based services, as well as private therapy. Although these were supportive and helpful, we decided to try HFW because it offered the opportunity for support and goal-setting, outside of the traditional therapeutic framework. Our daughter, in particular, tended to have “meltdowns” during the more traditional therapy sessions, which proved to be unproductive for her and our family.

Jen McCurdy has been with us every step of the way. She came to us while our daughter was in the hospital and was a great support and resource while planning her transition home and to a new school. She attended meetings at the hospital and participated in the IEP for the new school program. In addition, she constructed a Functional Behavior Assessment to assist in the transition. On another occasion, Jen provided phone support for our daughter during a “meltdown” and averted another hospitalization.

The team has been a great support in providing resources for our son in transitioning him from school to work. Kathy provided us with a booklet detailing transition services and shared personal experience regarding her son when he was at school. Chad, our Youth worker, has done a remarkable job bonding with our children and setting an example of a positive role model for young people. He has helped both children with social skills and has provided assistance to our son in studying for his driver’s permit.

Our meetings at the house focus on goal setting and celebrating the achievements. This has worked very well for our family because it focuses on the positives. We are at ease with the process and participation is much better than it was in traditional therapy because sessions never take a negative turn.

We are tremendously grateful for all we have received from our team. Our family is thriving and more stable than it has been in years. I recommend HFW to any family that is challenged with behavioral issues and firmly believe in the effectiveness of the model that is used, as well as the people who have so competently worked with our family.

Editor’s note:
Team=HFW team
Youth worker=Youth Support Partner
Jen McCurdy – Bucks County HFW Facilitator
Chad – Bucks County HFW Youth Support Partner
Kathy – Bucks County HFW Family Support Partner