Artheria Taggart, BA, HFW Facilitator and Family Support Partner
YFTI Co-Trainer

Artheria is a family support partner (FSP) for High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) in Delaware County, PA, and a certified co-trainer for the Youth and Family Training Institute (YFTI). Artheria began working in the HFW process June, 2011. By July 2012, Artheria became credentialed in the Family Support Partner role. Teaching families how to use the HFW process is what Artheria enjoys the most in her role on the HFW team. As a HFW workforce member, she feels that it is a wonderful experience to be part of a process that can help a family achieve success.

At home, Artheria enjoys spending time with any of her seven children, as well as her two granddaughters. Artheria notices that her children always comment on Artheria being a much softer grandmother, after having been a more structured Mom. “That’s the beauty of having grandchildren’, Artheria says. “The discipline is the parent’s role. I just have to love them”.

Artheria is an avid gardener, with dreams of one day entering a gardening competition, and become an extreme gardener. It doesn’t matter if whether she works with flowers or vegetables, Artheria finds that working in her garden is a great pastime. “You get to see the fruits of your labor, and share them with others.”