Austin's Story

My family worked with High Fidelity Wraparound. Alice, my Facilitator and Joy, my FSP helped me and my family whenever we were fighting. They were there whenever we needed them. They worked with me, my brother, my sister, my mom, my grandparents, my school, and my therapist to make plans to help our family stay safe. My team complimented me whenever I would do something good but helped me fix my problems when things were bad. My team talked to me about coping with my anger. The would show me how RIDICULOUS I looked. I got out of a residential. I do not attend a special school. I am now in a drug FREE and smoke FREE house. Also, my mom is now doing much better. My brother and sister are going back with my mom soon. All in all I'm better than I was. At times I will show my anger but not as bad as I used to. I joined Boy Scouts and the YMCA. I also go to youth group. I'm even trying out for WESTLAKE MIDDLE SCHOOL basketball where I am in 8th grade.