CASSP Newsletters and Alerts

December 2013 CASSP Newsletter

"Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health." This edition features an article by the Deputy Secretary on related OMHSAS efforts, as well as stories from providers and clinicians that describe the growing movement to screen for behavioral health issues in primary care settings and to co-locate physical and behavioral health care services. Also includes an interesting article by Dr. Ken Nash, YFTI Co-administrator, chief of clinical services for Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, and associate professor of psychiatry and vice chair for clinical affairs in the Department of Psychiatry; Dr. Abigail Schlesinger, assistant professor of psychiatry for Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic and medical director of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Community-Based Behavioral and Developmental Services; and Sheena Keleman, project coordinator for the Office of Clinical Affairs at WPIC. files/file/casspnewsletterdec2013.pdf

June 2013 CASSP Newsletter

This newsletter is about trauma and violence and its impact you youth. Rob's article is at the end of the newsletter: files/file/casspnewsletterjune2013.pdf

May 2013 CASSP Alert

This newsletter has information about bullying, new videos about effective early childhood programs, new publications, Youth Mental Health First Aid, and transition services competency tests among other items. Please access this link to read more: files/file/alertmay2013%20(2).pdf

April 2013 CASSP Alert

The Youth and Family Training Institute is given an "update" in the April 2013 CASSP Alert! Please access this link to read more: files/file/alertapril2013.pdf 

March 2013 CASSP Newsletter

A paragraph from the editorial of the March 2013 CASSP Newsletter reads, "So the basic question for this edition of the newsletter is: How do we harness the vast potential of technology and social media for helping children and families with significant behavioral needs while safeguarding them against the pitfalls and dangers? Relatedly, how are Pennsylvania communities and providers already using technology and social media to expand their reach, communicate their message, promote positive mental health, and offer interventions that make appropriate use of new technologies?" (Bicksler, Harriet, CASSP Newsletter March 2013)

This newsletter reviews how technology can be used in a positive way. The information can apply to youth and family members, and all who work with them. Please access the newsletter at: files/file/casspnewslettermar2013(1).pdf.