Christine Snyder, CPSP, CPS

Christine Snyder is the statewide Family Support Partner Specialist at the Youth and Family Training Institute (YFTI) and a family support partner coach at Allegheny Family Network. As a statewide High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) Family Support Partner Specialist, she is responsible for working with the staff of the Youth and Family Training Institute to develop learning activities for the support partners in the workforce. She provides technical support for coaching and credentialing activities to the HFW Family Support Partners across Pennsylvania. Christine also has the responsibility of working with the PA System of Care Partnership to assist PA counties in their goal of developing youth and family leaders at the county level. Her efforts will support the capacity building of youth and family voice and leadership across the state.

Prior to YFTI, Christine worked as a HFW Family Support Partner in Allegheny County at Allegheny Family Network for four years. She was credentialed on February 22, 2011. Christine is a strong proponent of the High Fidelity Wraparound process, and believes that if given the support and tools, families can have the opportunity to make a change for their family.

Christine brings with her the personal experiences and struggles of childhood, of parenthood and of working with families who have struggled themselves. She has the compassion to help others and believes that everyone deserves an opportunity. Christine’s family was part of the Community Connections for Families program in Allegheny County before she became a HFW Family Support Partner. Christine credits her involvement in this initiative as the beginning of her ability to give back to others because people believed in her and made a difference in her family’s life. She has been married for the past eight years. She is the proud mother of four wonderful children. She has three sons and one daughter and all have a mental health or behavioral health concern. Christine enjoys spending time with her children and watching them learn and grow.

Christine earned the title of Certified Parent Support Provider (CPSP) in 2014 from the National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health. This was a rigorous educational process and included an exam, as well as a thorough review of all Christine's work and accomplishments.

Christine firmly believes that people need to take care of themselves before helping others. She also believes in the following quote: “The supreme act of forgiveness is when you can forgive yourself for all the wounds you’ve created in your own life. Forgiveness is an act of self-love. When you forgive yourself, self- acceptance begins and self- love grows”-Don Miguel Ruiz.