High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) is a youth-guided and family-driven planning process that follows a series of steps to help youth and their families realize their hopes and dreams. It is a process that allows more youth to grow up in their homes and communities. It is a planning process that brings people together (natural supports and providers) from various parts of the youth and family’s life. The HFW workforce (HFW Facilitator, and if desired, a HFW Family Support Partner and HFW Youth Support Partner), helps the youth and family achieve the goals that they have identified and prioritized, with assistance from their natural supports and system providers. This is the HFW team. Regardless of the differences in the various implementer counties, High Fidelity Wraparound is driven by the same HFW Principles, and follows the same HFW Phases and basic HFW activities.

Family-driven means families have a decision-making role in the care of their own children as well as in the policies and procedures governing care for all children in the community, state, and nation. This includes choosing supports, services; providers; setting goals; designing and implementing programs; monitoring outcomes; and determining the effectiveness of all efforts to promote the mental health of children and youth.

Youth-guided means that youth are engaged in the idea that change is possible in his or her life. Youth feel safe, cared for, valued, useful and spiritually grounded. Youth are empowered in their planning process from the beginning and have a voice in what will work for them ( and pages/the-pa-system-of-care-partnership).

As youth and family members, you will be asked to develop a team and make decisions with that team. You will be asked to identify your family’s strengths and needs. You and your team will consider a variety of actions to meet your needs. Your HFW plan will change regularly as your needs change. You and your team will get an opportunity to evaluate whether your plan is helping you reach the desired outcomes and results.