Greene County

Greene County Contact

Name: Lisa Milan, MSW, LBS
Phone: 724-852-5276, ext. 402

Evaluation Contact 

Name: Lisa Milan MSW LBS
Phone: 724-852-5276 Ext: 402

Provider Agency

Greene County Family Youth Empowerment Program (F.Y.E)

Managed Care Organization

Value Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania

Date of Implementation

December 11, 2014

Target Population Demographic

  • Middle School Youth between ages 12-16.
  • Youth currently has involvement with mental health services,  or is at risk of involvement with children and youth services and/or Juvenile Probation.
  • Youth may be at risk of being placed outside of home.

Total Family Capacity


Current Number of Families Being Served


Workforce - one team

  • Coach/Supervisor: 1

  • Facilitator: 1

  • Family Support Partner: 1

  • Youth  Support Partner: 1

Current HFW Position Openings Within Agency:
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