Laurie Jones
Co-Principal Investigator

Laurie Jones is a Co-Principal Investigator (PI) on the grant funded by the Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) and awarded to Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic to create the Youth and Family Training Institute. Laurie Jones is the Senior Director, Public Policy/Community Education Initiative.       

Laurie brings personal and professional experience to this project. Personally, she is the mother of an adult daughter who has bipolar disorder. Professionally, she has been a hospital administrator for over twenty years. Thinking that she was an educated consumer and an “insider” (working in a hospital), when her daughter was diagnosed she was very surprised to learn how difficult the behavioral health system is to navigate. Learning to advocate for her daughter led her to consulting with Allegheny County’s System of Care Initiative where she facilitated the strategic plans for a family organization, and systems of care for early childhood and young adults. She joined Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic’s administrative team in September 2006 and is responsible for new business development and the Office of Education and Regional Programming. Linking her personal and professional lives, Laurie works directly with families raising children with mental health issues, and serves on a Board of Directors for Allegheny Family Network, a family organization in Allegheny County.