Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

PCIT is an evidence-based treatment program is designed especially for young children ages 2.5-7. It is expanding across Pennsylvania. 

April 14, 2015

PCIT Continues to Expand Across Pennsylvania

The steering committee for the “PCIT Across PA” grant project recently met in State College. Staff members for the project reported that: PCIT services are now available in 60 counties statewide;100 provider agencies offer PCIT; and 238 clinicians have been trained in PCIT. This last number does not include additional clinicians who have been trained by staff within their own agencies. Most of this growth in the availability of PCIT, which is an evidence-based mental health intervention, has occurred in the past five years. Significant discussion among steering committee members focused on how to create the kind of infrastructure that will sustain PCIT’s continued growth and provide ongoing training to maintain the intervention’s integrity after the grant period has ended in 2017. You can find out about PCIT Across PA at<>.

“PCIT Across Pennsylvania” Update

The statewide steering committee for the “PCIT Across Pennsylvania” grant project met again in late April in State College. A major topic of discussion was how to sustain Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) gains across the state after the grant period has ended. Staff reported on a survey of administrators of Pennsylvania provider agencies asking what kind of resources they will need to be able to continue to offer PCIT. Staff also reported on a study that is currently underway to understand how other states have sustained PCIT over time. To date, there are approximately 215 trained PCIT clinicians in Pennsylvania. As part of the “PCIT Across Pennsylvania” grant, two series of trainings for new PCIT therapists have been completed or are currently under way, and a third will begin in May 2014 in four more counties. The fourth series will begin in September 2014, targeting primarily rural counties. More information about PCIT in Pennsylvania is at

 An article in a recent issue of Scientific American,"Parent Training Can Improve Kids' Behavior" can give you more information. Additional information can be found by accessing “PCIT Across PA: Healthier Kids Happier Families,” Pennsylvania’s PCIT initiative, at (Statewide Initiatives/ECMH).