Pennsylvania's First Fully Credentialed HFW Team Coach!

Kevin Russell, Montgomery County High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) Coach has become the first fully credentialed HFW team Coach in Pennsylvania. This means that he is now credentialed as a Coach, a Facilitator Coach, a Youth Support Partner Coach and a Family Support Partner Coach.

Kevin works at Child and Family Focus in Montgomery County. This is the same agency providing HFW in Bucks, Chester and Delaware counties. Kevin is supervised by Bryon Luke who has worked in HFW for years not only in Pennsylvania, but New Jersey as well. Kevin’s motivation, work ethic and belief in HFW helped him achieve this huge goal. As everyone knows, becoming credentialed in HFW is a difficult process. Kevin has done this for all the HFW workforce roles.

The Youth and Family Training Institute staff wants to congratulate Kevin, and let him know that we are very, very proud of him. Keep up the good work Kevin, and congratulations!