Ten Principles

1. Family and Youth Voice and Choice

Family and youth perspectives are encouraged and prioritized during all phases of the HFW process. Planning is based upon the family members’ perspectives, and the team strives to provide options and choices so that the plan reflects family values and preferences.

2. Team Based

The HFW team consists of individuals chosen by the youth and family. These individuals can come from a formal network such as service providers, as well as informal team members including family, friends and community relationships.

3. Natural Supports

The youth, family and other team members actively seek out and encourage the full participation of individuals chosen from the informal network to be a part of the youth and family's natural support system, such as family, friends and community relationships. These natural supports are fully involved in the activities and interventions of the High Fidelity Wraparound plan, as it pertains to the tasks they are able to help with. The relationship between the youth and family and their natural supports must be reciprocal.

4. Collaboration

Team members work cooperatively and share responsibility for developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating a single HFW plan. The plan reflects a blending of the perspectives, mandates and resources of the team members. The plan guides and coordinates the work of each team member as all work towards achieving the goals set by the youth and family.

5. Community-based

The HFW team seeks to implement services and supportive strategies in the most inclusive and most accessible settings. The team will work to maintain the youth in the least restrictive setting possible, promoting the safe integration of the youth into family, home and community life.

6. Culturally Competent

The HFW process demonstrates respect for the values, preferences, beliefs, culture and identity of the youth and family. The plan is built upon the lifestyle of the youth and family, reflects their strengths and includes activities that make sense and are attainable.

7. Individualized

To achieve the goals in the HFW plan, the team develops and implements a set of strategies, supports and services specifically geared to the youth and family.

8. Strengths Based

The HFW process and plan is built upon, and enhances the capabilities, knowledge, skills and assets of the youth and family, their community and other team members.

9. Persistence / Unconditional Care

Despite challenges and possible setbacks, the team persists in working toward the goals included in the HFW plan until the team reaches an agreement that a formal HFW process is no longer required. Giving up is not an option.

10. Outcome Based

The team connects the goals and strategies of the High Fidelity Wraparound plan to indicators of success that can be observed and measured. The team monitors progress and revises the plan accordingly.