A High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) Supervisor does what all Supervisors do. They ensure that agency mandates are met, define the roles and duties of each staff person, monitors job performance, and reviews what is occurring in specific cases. The High Fidelity Wraparound Supervisor helps to ensure that plans developed by the youth and family are in compliance with the High Fidelity Wraparound process, HFW Principles, Phases and Theory of Change, and that the plan can be supported by the HFW team. HFW Supervision is performance-based supervision. The HFW Supervisor also oversees that the plans are individualized, strength-based, culturally competent, and that there are measures for implementing crisis management. The HFW Supervisor works closely with supervisors from other systems involved with the HFW team to guarantee an organized system of care for children and family members.

There may be situations where one individual acts as both a HFW Coach and a HFW Supervisor, in which case this HFW Supervisor would have received training and HFW Coach credentialing. If the positions are separate, the HFW Supervisor does not have to demonstrate the skills of a HFW practitioner although they must have knowledge of, and understand the HFW process.

Roles and Responsibilities

The HFW Supervisor provides individualized supervision for each HFW staff member at least one hour each week. There is also group supervision once a month for all HFW staff members. Regardless of whether it is individualized or group, HFW supervision includes a review of the strengths and successes of the HFW staff member and reviews of the plans, status and progress for each youth and family served. The HFW Supervisor’s job is to meet with each HFW staff member in order for them to receive adequate direction to achieve and sustain high fidelity performance with all their youth and families. The HFW Supervisor is responsible for modeling and problem-solving with HFW teams to determine strategies for developing culturally competent services, supports and resources for youth and families that are compatible with diverse groups within the community.


A High Fidelity Wraparound Supervisor must have:

  • Completed HFW Coach Credentialing if undertaking dual responsibilities as a HFW Coach and HFW Supervisor
  • Completion of the Five Day Team Training, as well as any other mandatory trainings
  • A Masters Degree in a Human Services related field
  • Three years of experience providing services for children and families
  • The ability to support development in others
  • Experience living with, or working with children who have complex emotional needs
  • A knowledge of community resources

Characteristics of Effective HFW Supervisors

High Fidelity Wraparound Supervisors must possess:

  •  Good interpersonal skills and an outgoing personality
  • A positive approach to promoting growth and progress in others
  • An ability to engage with people from different cultures, ages and backgrounds
  • The capability to help those they supervise become better individuals and HFW staff members
  • An ability to acknowledge the strengths of the HFW staff members
  • An ability to be a member of a team
  • An ability to work closely with HFW staff, youth and family members to promote a strengths-based, individualized, culturally competent system of care through the practice of strengths-based supervision and monitoring
  • Ability to identify issues that may impact the HFW staff member’s work with the youth and family, and address these issues assertively with the goal of improving the relationship to better facilitate the HFW process
  • A comfort and competence to network and work with supervisors and managers from other systems, with different societal and service mandates