High Fidelity Wraparound is a process that is unlike anything else our youth and families in Pennsylvania are accustomed to. It is a process that enables the various systems and service providers in a youth and family’s life to alter their way of doing business. It is a way to integrate everyone so that the work is collaborative and hope-based. There are visible changes and improvements in how youth and families live their lives. Changes are maintained without a high level of professional involvement. Because this process is youth and family driven, it is they who create the plan and they who create the team they feel will help them achieve their goals.

From Jennifer Cherak, who participated on the YFTI Advisory Board as a youth:

I had meeting today at my phone job. It was because they hired people through Robert Morris University to plan our agency's "future" to make sure we have funds and how to move forward as a non profit organization. I felt right at home because of all my advisory board work. For some reason it wasn't at all hard to share and think of ideas. They took notes and will have a future "plan" for us coming out in June. I just wanted to tell you how proud I was of myself BECAUSE of all the experience I learned through YFTI. Thanks Shannon!!! 

If you would like to add your own experiences, please send your comments to yfti@upmc.edu and in type “testimonial” in the subject line. We appreciate your input.

Here are some statements from youth (in their own words) about how High Fidelity Wraparound has impacted them:

“I like High Fidelity Wraparound because they help you when you are in trouble and they help whenever you need help. I had fun with this program because it taught me ways to control my anger. I used to be moody and now I am happy go lucky. I liked working with the YSP because she would talk to me about my problems when I would get angry in meetings. I would calm down and then I could go back to the meeting and be able to talk about my needs. It was great to talk to someone who has been where I am. The YSP and facilitator were different than other people that used to work with me. The other people always told me what to do; now the team listens to me and my family.”
Stephanie (youth)

“Actually with the High Fidelity Process there is nothing bad to say about it. It has helped my mom and me get along better. Now when I misbehave instead of my mom screaming at me we just follow the plan. It has helped us communicate better. I really like the meetings. The meetings are laid back, no pressure, are easy, and convenient. At the meetings we get a say of what goes into the plan. I love to run the meetings. It makes me feel happy and powerful to stand up in front of everyone. It has really helped me with the Sarah Reed Partial Program because in our team’s plan I have an incentive to do well there. I like the fact that I get to earn things for completing my goals. Celebrating Successes!”
James K. (13)