Overview of the PA System of Care Partnership

The PA System of Care (SOC) Partnership is funded through a cooperative agreement between the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. With $9,000,000 in federal funds, PA will implement System of Care values, principles and practices within at least 15 PA counties. Working at both the state and county levels, a System of Care works in partnership with youth and families to integrate the child-serving systems including the Child Welfare, Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol, Juvenile Justice and Education systems to be more cost-effective in providing services and supports that are evidenced based with proven outcomes.  Each partner county will build a System of Care that includes High Fidelity Wraparound, the practice model defined by the National Wraparound Initiative for at least 25 youth and families annually from the population of focus.  The population of focus during this initial six-year implementation is 8 – 18 year-olds and their families, who have complex behavioral health challenges along with involvement in the juvenile justice and/or child welfare system(s) and are in, or at risk of out-of-home placement. 

Values & Principles

*       Youth driven

*       Family driven

*       Strengths-based

*       Individualized

*       Evidenced based

*       High quality

*       Accessible

*       Integrated

*       Cost effective

*       Data Informed

*       Culturally & linguistically competent


The youth, family, and system leaders of Pennsylvania will work as equal and trusted partners in creating sustainable change which will empower youth, families and all youth serving systems to be responsible and accountable for outcomes that lead to the fulfillment of hopes and dreams.


Every youth and family in Pennsylvania will be able to access and navigate a unified network of effective services and supports that are structured in adherence to System of Care (SOC) Values and Principles.

 PA System of Care Partnership